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Our new REXUS project!



FerrAS (Ferrofluid Application Study) is the continuation of PAPELL and looks at the usage of ferrofluids to find solutions for technical problems in space. With various experiments we have applied in the Überflieger 2 programm to hopefully test in micro-gravity on the ISS.



FerrAS (Ferrofluid Application Study) is the continuation of Papell and looks at the usage of ferrofluids to find solutions for technical problems in space. FerrAS is our fourth experiment in the REXUS program.



SOURCE (Stuttgart Operated University Research CubeSat for Evaluation and Education) is a 3U+ CubeSat of KSat and the Institute of Space Systems (IRS). The CubeSat will conduct technology demonstrations, Earth and meteor observation and atmospheric re-entry measurements. The project is currently in Phase D and just concluded its environmental hardware testing. The launch is planned for next year.



BUBBLE (BUoyancy Balloon Bus Lifted Experiments) is our high altitude balloon program.
We provide the bus system for the gondola to fly various payloads from KSat and external payloads. The launch and recovery is organized by us.



Since 2014 we are working on a wide variety of projects. For our new members we regularly hold CanSat-Challenges. Our BUBBLE high-altitude-balloons fly up to 35 km into the stratosphere. Multiple of our experiments were carried to suborbital space on  REXUS rockets. Our highest-flying projects even reach orbit: SOURCE is our first satellite and PAPELL successfully operated on the International Space Station.

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KSat e. V. (small satellite student society at the University of Stuttgart) is a non-profit organization founded in the spring of 2014. The more than 130 members are students of all semesters, mostly enrolled in aerospace engineering. The association is open to students of all disciplines.

Our goal is to give our members the opportunity to realize their own spaceflight project during their time at university. Furthermore, we aim to pass on the knowledge and enthusiasm for space travel as part of our public relations work and to provide a communication platform between students, interested companies of the industry, research and the public.

KSat e. V. was founded by former SSETI students and therefore has a history of small satellite construction dating back to 2005. With MIRKA2-RX our members were able to accomplish their first successful mission 2 years after the foundation.

Beyond the engineering work, we are always prepared to enjoy a pleasant barbecue in summer as well as the obligatory Christmas party.

New members are always welcome!



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Our executive board

Our executive board

Janoah Dietrich

Yolantha Remane

Daniel Philipp

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Become a member
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  1. Student of Stuttgart University? Join our ILIAS group to get started!
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New members are always welcome!

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KSat e.V. Stuttgart
c/o Institut of Space Systems
University of Stuttgart
Pfaffenwaldring 29
70569 Stuttgart

Amtsgericht Stuttgart, Registernummer: 721583
Executive Board: Maximilian Schneider, Philip Kius, Daniel Philipp

For students of Stuttgart University: ILIAS-Group and Mentoring

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We are excited to meet and get to know space enthusiasts from other universities and learn about their missions.