SOURCE Completes Critical Design Review

SOURCE Completes Critical Design Review

At the end of July 2021, the Review Board of the Fly Your Satellite! Program of the ESA Education Office confirmed the quality and completeness of our satellite design for our SOURCE project. With this, we are now formally ready for the integration phase.

The Critical Design Review (CDR) is one of the most important milestones in any spaceflight project. It concludes project phase C, in which the final design of the satellite is established.

Due to a necessary design change at the beginning of the year, the CDR could not be immediately closed and the review board decided to perform a delta review. This has now been completed. With this, SOURCE has officially entered phase D1, in which all satellite hardware will be built, tested and assembled to a complete spacecraft.

The next milestone is the Manufacturing Readiness Review, currently scheduled for spring 2022. Until then, all components of the satellite need to be tested as prototypes and ready for the construction of the flight models.

The SOURCE team would like to thank all reviewers for their commitment and the time spent to complete the review and the extensive feedback received in multiple iterations and many meetings.

The SOURCE project is carried out with the support of the Education Office of the European Space Agency ESA in the “Fly your Satellite!” program.