CanSat competition

Your introduction to KSat

The CanSat-Challenge serves as an introductory and orientation project for new members and those interested in KSat and is aimed equally at first-year students and higher semesters who are interested in a first project in the association. The aim is to get to know the course of a later project with all its reviews, technical and planning processes. This enables the participants to quickly find their way into the association and to determine for themselves which areas they are particularly interested in. To this end, the association’s organisational team considers a new task every year, with primary and secondary goals, milestones and evaluation criteria. The CanSat, a “mini-satellite” with the external dimensions of a 330ml beverage can, must be equipped with the appropriate hardware and software for this purpose. The teams must adhere to a fixed budget, which may be increased by external sponsors.

You’ll learn about:

Space projects

We use a procedure for the competition that is also used for large space projects, but in a much simpler way. That means you will learn how reviews work, what to look out for in documentation, how teamwork works and above all how to plan, build, test and carry out a mission in a structured way.


During the project you will work with fellow students and get to know many members of KSat.


In this competition you can take on integral components of a complete mission. The result stands or falls with the work of each individual. Here you can try yourself, discuss and implement ideas, make and fix mistakes, work with hardware and solve a difficult task in a team.

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